Who We Are
You are interested in visiting but not sure what to expect.  Every church is different.
  • St. Luke is a diverse gathering of people who are seeking something more in their lives. Some people call that “something more” God, or the Holy, or the Ground of all Being, or Spirit.
  • We strive to do our best to listen to hear, instead of listen to respond.
  • We value questions.  Hard questions.
  • We may not have the answers, but we will help you find your answers.
St. Luke:
  • Is a glorious mixture of all ages and ethnicities
  • Single, married, divorced, partnered, and single due to the death of a spouse
  • Is joyful on some days and sad on others
  • Shares in the sorrow of those who are struggling to find goodness in their lives
  • Welcomes long-time believers, doubters, and those who are doubting believers
It is the people that make St. Luke…St. Luke!  We are caring, funny, serious, excellent cooks, fabulous musicians, and we would love to meet you.  Consider yourself invited.
The Particulars
What should I wear?
  • You will see jeans of all kinds
  • Casual, fun dresses
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Suits and ties
  • Everything in between
We have parking available on all four sides of the building.
  • The east and north doors are the quickest access to the sanctuary.
  • The south doors lead directly into Fellowship Hall.
  • The single west door is generally locked as AA, Al-Anon, and ACA chapters use that door to access rooms for their meetings twice weekly.
  • The Tower Door entrance on the west side is the quickest access to the church officeDuring the week, please push the call button found to the right of the doors.
  • Although our address is 3001 Bell Street, Brinkman and Atkinsen Streets are the best avenues into our parking areas.
Sunday Morning Sustenance
  • Donuts are the main fare in Fellowship Hall on Sunday mornings.
  • Coffee, hot tea, hot chocolate, and cooled water are available.
  • You are welcome to grab some sustenance and head off to Sunday school or join those gathered around the tables for fellowship.
What can I expect in worship?
  • Our worship style is primarily traditional, but willingly includes modern music and/or contemporary readings within the framework of our liturgy.
What about kids?
  • We have a fun new nursery complete with its own lavatory facilities, crib room, classroom, and large playroom.  We welcome ages up to five years.
  • We love having your kids in worship.  Our kids assist in leading worship by lighting the candles at the beginning of the service,  helping the ushers, and often, one of our LOGOS groups (ages K-12th grade) will lead particular sections of worship. 
  • Words for God’s Children happens during worship and is led by the pastor.
Sunday School
  • Our adults gather every Sunday during the school year at 9:45 a.m. for a time of learning.  We have used videos, books, and a variety of studies.  It is common to hear laughter coming from that room every time they meet.  During the summer, the studies are periodically generated by members of the congregation.
  • While our main emphasis on Christian Education happens on Wednesdays at our LOGOS program, we do offer Children’s Church for ages K-5th grade on Sunday morning.  Children who wish to attend are dismissed to the Bright Education Center following the choir’s anthem.