You are invited to worship with us — in person or online!
Prepare ∗ Participate ∗ Put into Action
If you will be attending
in person:
Gather the items that you plan to bring to church.  Will you bring items for Mesa Verde, peanut butter, empty egg cartons or paper sacks for the food bank, items to donate to an ongoing drive, etc.?
If you will be worshiping
at home:
You can find Sunday’s bulletin here:
Will Communion be celebrated this Sunday?  If so, you will want to prepare your bread and juice in advance so that you can participate fully.
Create a worshipful setting. 
This step will mean different things to different people.  What will help you to limit distractions and to center your thoughts?  You might want to light a candle to symbolize the entrance of Jesus Christ, the light of our world, into your space.  You may want to play worship music or have your Bible handy so that you can read scripture to prepare your heart and mind.
Prepare your technology at least 15 minutes in advance. 
On a practical note, make sure that the device you’re using to participate in the service is ready to go.  You won’t want to miss the first moments of the service because you are trouble-shooting any technical difficulties that could arise.
Get settled.
Position everyone to be able to see the screen.  Test the audio.  Grab that cup of coffee or tea.
Before the service begins, offer a prayer asking for God’s presence.  Give this special time to God.  Pray for your worship leaders.
In-person worship will begin at 11:00 on Sunday morning.
If we encounter technical difficulties the recorded service will be uploaded to Facebook a little later in the day if possible.
If you will be participating from home, you may follow this link to find the service.
Make a choice to move from “watching” to “participating”!
Do everything you would do if you were present together in our sanctuary!  You might feel awkward at first.  You might even think, what’s the point?  Ah, but every time we worship the Lord Jesus Christ as the gathered community on earth, we unite with the saints in glory, the church triumphant, as they do the same.  So go ahead–sing, pray, and gesture in abandon, for you are not alone after all!
Whether in-person or online, be sure to record your attendance.
Follow this link.  There is no login and no password.  All that is required is your name.  Contact information is optional.
Support the work of the Church.
St. Luke offers six different means to make your tithe or financial gift to St. Luke.  Here is a link to use the online option.  Go to the GIVING page for more.  No matter how you choose to give today, we are so grateful for your generosity and faithfulness!