Christ’s Church depends on the volunteer services of its members.
If any of the committees below provide a service that interests you, please click on the button to volunteer your time and talent.  Keep in mind that you don’t have to participate in EVERY activity of the committee.
Supports all educational programs of the church including Sunday school, youth activities, and periodic seminars.  Encourages participation in camps, retreats, and conferences.  Approves appropriate curricula.  Oversees the church library. 
Provides ongoing spiritual, emotional, and physical support–especially during difficult times.  Calls on church members and helps to coordinate meals for those who are ill and need help.  Recruits greeters, makes visitors feel welcome, oversees the prayer chain, and sends cards.   
Provides opportunities for the growth of closeness among the people of St. Luke.  Plans meals and decorates for celebrations of significant events including holidays and bereavement meals.  Oversees the kitchen.  Provides oversight for all fellowship activities such as exercise classes, piano classes, etc.  Click here to go to the Fellowship page.
Encourages Christian stewardship.  Reviews the financial books and records of the church and keeps the congregation informed of the church’s financial position.  Prepares the annual budget and pastor’s Terms of Call. 
Coordinates the Wednesday evening program for K-12th graders, roughly following the school calendar, including mission outings and worship participation.  Recruits leaders and helpers.  Works with Christian Education to set the curriculum.  Keeps track of program revenues and expenses.  Click here to go to the LOGOS page.
Makes a recommendation to Session concerning all budgeted benevolences.  Coordinates Helping Hands.  Supports mission activities of the youth, St. Luke Women, and Partners in Education.  Oversees the prayer shawl ministry.  Coordinates drives to support various charities.  Promotes designated special offerings. Click here to go to the Mission page.
Shares information about St. Luke with the community outside of the church.  Serves as the contact point for partnerships with coalitions and other congregations.  Coordinates marketing efforts for St. Luke.  Shares information about St. Luke through social media.  Oversees the website.
Helps the church to be a good steward of human resources.  Develops personnel policies and assists in developing personnel job descriptions.  Supervises the completion of annual staff evaluations.  Provides resources for conflict management.  Conducts the annual “Love Offering” for the pastor.
Manages the church properties with faithful stewardship.  Repairs or replaces items in need of attention (or manages outside services to complete the tasks.)  Supervises the sexton.  Schedules church workdays.  Monitors the payment of building-related bills including utilities.  Reviews and updates property insurance policies.  Implements building use policies.
Provides for worship in keeping with the Directory for Worship.  Provides guidance as to the order of worship, music program, and special services.  Sets the Communion schedule.  Acts on requests for Baptism, weddings, and funerals.  Arranges pulpit supply.  Supervises the Director of Music, organist, and nursery staff.  Click to to to the Worship page.
St. Luke’s Music Program
is under the direction of
Dr. Robert Hansen.
Second Tuesday
St. Luke women is a
Presbyterian Women’s circle.
Second Wednesday
  • Adult Piano Class (Mondays)
  • Exercise Group (Tues. & Thurs.)
  • Young at Heart (third Wednesday)
  • Farkle Group (last Tuesday)
  • Fourth Thursday Lunch Bunch