– vacancy –
St Luke is currently
in transition between
installed pastors.
Dr. Robert Hansen
Director of Music
Since 1988
Director, School of Music at
West Texas A&M University
BA Northwestern University. 1973
MM Boston University. 1976
DMA University of North Texas. 1987
Mila Abbasova
Since 2005
Instructor of piano and music theory at West Texas A&M University
Worked internationally for 30 years as teacher, conductor, vocal coach, and principal of music school.
Winner of national piano competition.
Open Position
Office Administrator
Jesse Perez
Sexton & Groundskeeper
Since March 2021
Mary McCracken
Nursery Coordinator
Since 2023
Ruling Elders & Trustees
Barbara Taylor
Clerk of Session 2024
Perpetual Endowment Committee
Kaci Jones
Treasurer 2024
(Currently not a member of Session)
Jennifer Denham
Session Class of 2024
Outreach Committee Moderator
Scholarship Committee Moderator
Ross Clopton
Session Class of 2025
Personnel Committee Moderator
Paige Hadley
Session Class of 2026
LOGOS Committee Moderator
Fellowship Committee Vice-Moderator
Kendra Jones
Session Class of 2024
Christian Education Committee Moderator
Robert Hansen
Session Class of 2025
PNC Moderator
Priscilla Sheets
Session Class of 2026
Congregational Care Committee Moderator 
Tim Lacey
Session Class of 2024
Finance Committee Moderator
Barbara Taylor
Session Class of 2025
Endowment Committee Moderator
Tim Sougstad
Session Class of 2026
Fellowship Committee Moderator
Cruse Messer
Session Class of 2024
Worship Committee Moderator
Kary Wingo
Session Class of 2025
Mission Committee Moderator
Helen Thorsheim
Session Class of 2026
Property Committee Moderator 
Officer Nominating
Session Member
Session MemberSam Burnett
Melissa Croft
J.T. Jolley
Perpetual Endowment
Barbara Taylor, Session Representative
Robert Hansen, Session Representative
Eldon Wingo, thru 2024
Nan Kemp, thru 2025
Sharron Fitzner, thru 20206
Kaci Jones, ex officio
Session Member
Kim Lacey
Mary McCracken